12 September 1497 – Henry VII to Sir Gilbert Talbot

By the King.

TRUSTY and welbeloved we grete you wele, signifying unto you that wher as Perkin Warbek and his wif were lately sette ful porely to the See by the King of Scottes, and aftre that landed within our land of Irland in the wylde Irissherie, where he had be taken by our Cousins T’erls of Kildare and of Desmond if he and his said wif had not secretly stollen away. The same Perkyn being soe upon the See, is commen to land in our Countie of Cornewaille with ij. small shippes and a Breton prinse  wherupon we have sent our right trusty counseillour the lord Daubeney our chamberlayn by land toward thoes parties, to arredie our subgiettes for the subduyng of hym, and our right trusty counseillour the lord Broke, steward of our household, by water with our armee on the See now late retourned, to take the said Perkyn if he retorne agayn to the See.  And we shall in our owne persone, if the case soo requir, goo soe accompanyed thiderward with our lordes mercy withoute delay, as we shal subdue the said Perkyn and all othre that wil take his part if eny such be. And therfore we hertily pray you to addresse you unto us with six score talle men on horsback defensibly arrayed, and no moo, without eny long delay. And to mete with us at our manoir of Wodestok the xxiiij th day of this present Moneth ; and at your commyng unto us we shal soe content you for your and thair conduyt money, and also wages, as of reason ye shal holde you pleased ; and that ye faille not herof as our espesial trust is in you.

Yeven undre our Signet at our said Manoir the xijth day of Septembre

To our trusty and welbeloved knight for our body Sir Gilbert Talbot

Source – Original Letters, Illustrative of English History Vols 1-3 (ed. H. Ellis, London, 1825)