13 May 1495 – Henry VII to Earl of Ormond

By the King.

RIGHT trusty and right welbeloved Cousin we greete you wele, and have tidings that our Rebelles landed the vth daye of this Moneth in our land of Irland. Wherfore, and forasmoche as we have sent for our derrest wif and for our derrest moder to come unto us, and that we wold have your advis and counsail also in soche matiers as we have to doo for the subduyng of our said Rebelles, we praie you that, yeving your due attendaunce uppon our said derrest wif and lady moder, ye come with thaym unto us ; not failing herof as ye purpose to doo us plaisir.

Yeven undre our Signett at our Castell of Kenelworth the xiij daye of Maye.

To our right trustie and right welbeloved Cousin Th’erl of Ormond, Chamberlan to our derrest Wif the Quene.

Source – Original Letters, Illustrative of English History Vols 1-3 (ed. H. Ellis, London, 1825)