14 January ?? – Margaret Beaufort to Henry VII

MY oune suet and most deere Kynge and all my worldly joy,  yn as humble maner as y can thynke y recommand me to your Grace, and moste hertely bescche our lord to blesse you;

and my good heart wher that you sa that the Frenshe Kyng hathe at thys tyme gevyn me courteyse answer and wretyn lettyre of favour to hys corte of Parlyment for the treve expedicyon of my mater whyche soo long hathe hangyd, the whyche y well know he dothe especially for your sake, for the whyche my ly beseeche your Grace yt to gyve hym your favourabyll  thanks and to desyr hym to contenew hys. And, yeve yt soo myght leke your Grace, to do the same to the Cardynall, whyche as I understond ys your feythfull trew and lovyng servant.  Y wysse my very joy, as y efte have shewed, and y fortune to gete thys or eny parte therof, ther shall nedyr be that or eny good y have but yt shalbe yours, and at your comaundement as seurly and with as good a wyll as eny ye have yn your cofyrs, as wuld God ye cowd know yt as veryly as y thynke yt. But my der herte, y wull no more encombyr your Grace with ferder wry tyng yn thys matter, for y ame seure your chapeleyn and servante Doctour Whytston hathe shewed your Hyghnes the cyrcomstatice of the same.

And yeve yt soo may plese your Grace, y humbly beseche  the same to yeve ferdyr credense also to thys berer.  And Our Lord gyve you as longe good lyfe, helthe, and joy, as your moste nobyll herte can dessyre, with as herty blessyngs as our Lord hathe gevyn me power to gyve you.

At Colynweston the xiiij th duy of January, by your feythfull trewe bedwoman, and humble modyr,  MARGARET B.

Source – Original Letters, Illustrative of English History Vols 1-3 (ed. H. Ellis, London, 1825)