15 April 1507/08 – Henry VII to Sir Gilbert Talbot

Trusty and right welbiloved, we grete you wele.

And where as we understand that a frere Observant called frere Robert Steward, being a Scottishman, entendith to come out of the parties of Fraunce into this our reaine, [We for] certain causes and consideracions us moving wol and commaunde you that in case the said frere Robert happen at any season to come unto that our towne of Calays, ye in no maner wise sufFre hym to take any passage there, but that ye cause hym furthwith to retorne again unto his brethern and convent. And that ye faille not thus to doo as ye tendre our pleasure.

Yeven under our signet at our manor of Grenewiche, the xv. day of April

Source – Letters and Papers Illustrative of the Reigns of Richard III and Henry VII (ed. J. Gairdner, London, 1863)