1503 – Margaret, Queen of Scotland to Henry VII

MY most dere lorde and fader in the most humble wyse that I can thynke I recummaund me unto your Grace besechyng you off your dayly blessyng, and that it will please you to yeve hartely thankes to all your servauntts the whych be your commaundement have geven ryght good attendance on me at this tyme, and specially to all thes ladies and jantil women which hath accompeneyed me hydder, and to geff credence to thys good lady the berar her off, for I have shovvde hyr mor off my mynd than I will- wryght at thys tyme.  Sir, I bescche your Grace to be good and gracious lorde to Thomas, whych was footman to the Quene my moder, whos sowle God have soyle; for he hath byn on off my fotemen hydder with as great diligence and lubur to hys great charge of his awne good and true mynde. I am not able to recumpence hym, except the favor off your Grace.

Sir, as for newys I have none to send, but that my lorde of Surrey ys yn great favor with the Kyng her that he cannott forber the companey off hym no tyme off the day. He and the bichopp off Murrey orderth every thyng as nyght as they can to the Kyngs pleasur. I pray God it may be for my por hartts ease in tyme to come. They calnot my Chamberlayne to them, whych I am sur wull epeke better for my part than any off them that ben off that consell. And iff he speke any thyng for my cause my lord of Surrey hath such wordds unto hym that he dar speke no furder. God send me comford to hys pleasur, and that I and myne that ben lefftt her with me be well entretid such wayse as they have taken.  For Codes sak Syr, oulde mea escwsyd that I wryt not my sylf to your Grace, for I han no layfyr thys tym, bot wyt a wishse I would I wer wyt your Grace now, and many tyms mor, wan I wold andsyr. As for thys that I have wrytyn to your Grace, yt ys wery tru, bot I pray God I may fynd yt wel for my welef erefter. No more to your Grace at this tym, bot our Lord han you en ys kepyng.

Wrytyn wyt the hand of your humble douter  MARGARET.

Source – Original Letters, Illustrative of English History Vols 1-3 (ed. H. Ellis, London, 1825)