20 December 1495 – Henry VII to the Earl of Shrewsbury

Henry, by the grace of God king of England and Fraunce, lord of Irland, and souverain of the noble ordre of the garter.

To oure right trusty and right welbeloved cousin therle of Shrouesbury, to oure right trusty and entierly beloved uncle the viscount of Welles, and to oure right trusty and welbeloved counseillours, the lord Daubenay oure chambrelain, and the lord Burke, stuard of oure housholde, knightes and compaignons of the said ordre, greting. Where as by the deees of Sir Thomas Montgomery, late oon of the compaignons of the said ordre, a stal in the quere and a voice in the chapiltre is nowe voide and oure trusty and welbeloved knight for our body Sir Gilbert Talbot, by us and the chapiltre of the forsaid ordre is, accordingly to the statutes therof, named and elected to be oon of the knightes and compaignons of the garter ; we therfor wol and desire you, and by these presentes committe unto you, oure ful power and auctorite to doo the said Sir Gilbert, at suche tyme as ye thinke convenient, to be enstalled by you into the said ordre, in suche maner and fourme as the statutes of the same doo require. Charging and straitely commaunding all suche othre knightes and officers of the said ordre as shalbe than and there present with you, and all othres to whom it belongeth, that in and for the due execucion of the premises they and every of theym be unto you obeying, helping, and assisting, as the caas shal require, as they tendre the honor of us and of the said ordre.

Yeven undre oure seal of the garter at oure palois of Westminstre, the XXth day of Decembre the XJth yere of oure reigne.

Source – Letters and Papers Illustrative of the Reigns of Richard III and Henry VII (ed. J. Gairdner, London, 1863)