20 July 1495 – Henry VII to Sir Gilbert Talbot

H.R. By the King.

TRUSTY and welbeloved we grete you wele. And not forgeting the grete malice that the lady Margarete of Burgoigne bereth contynuelly against us, as she shewed lately in sending hider of a fayned boye a , sur- mising him to have been the son of the Due of Clarence, and caused him to bee accompanyed with Th’erl of Lincoln, the Lord Lovel, and with a grete multitude of Irisshemen and of Almains, whoes end blessed bee  God was as ye knowe wele. And forseing nowe the perseverance of the same her malice, by th’untrue contriving eftsones of an othr fayned lad called Perkin Warbek, born at Tournay in Picardy, which at his furst into Irland called himself the bastard son of king Richard; after that the son of the said Due of Clarence ; and now the secund son of our fadre King Edward the iiij th , whom God assoille; werethorough she entendeth by promising unto the Flemynges and othr of Th’archedukes obeissaunce, to whom she laboureth dailly to take her way, and, by hir promes to c’tain aliens Capitains of estrange nacions, to have Duchies, Counties, Baronies, and othr landes within this our Royaume to induce theim therby to lande her to the distruction and disinheritaunce of the noble men and other our subgiettes thinhabitantes of the same, and finally to the subversion of this our Royaume in cas she may atteigne to her malicious propos that God defende.

We therfor, and to thentent that we may be alway purveied and in aredynes to resiste her malice, write unto you at this tyme; and wol and desire you that prepairing on horsbak, defensibly arraied, four score personncs, wherof we desire you to make asmany speres with their custrelles a and di. lances b wele horsed as ye can furnisshe, and the remaynder to bee archers and billes, ye bee thoroughly appointed and redy to comme upon a day warnyng for to do us service of warre in this caas. And ye shalhave for every horsman wele and defensibly arrayed, that is to say for a spere and his custrel a xij cl . a di. lance ix d . and an archer or bille on horsback viij d . by the day, from the tyme of zour commyng out unto the tyme of your retourne to your home again. And thus doing ye shall deserve suche thankes of us for your loving and true acquitaill in that behalf as shalbe to your weale and honor for tyme to come. We praye you herein ye wol make suche delegens as that ye be redy with your said nombre to come unto us uppon any our sodein warnyng.

Yeven undr our Signet at oure Castel of Kenilworth the xx. day of July.

To oure trusty and welbeloved Knight and Conseillor Sir Gilbert Talbot.

Source – Original Letters, Illustrative of English History Vols 1-3 (ed. H. Ellis, London, 1825)