4 July 1507/08 – Henry VII to Sir Gilbert Talbot

Trusty and right welbiloved, we grete you well.

And have receyved your lettres wherby we conceive suche newes as our servant William Woodhouse lately being at the towne of Amyas hath shewed unto you ; whiche newes we have also herd by the reapport of our pursevant Calays. Thanking you for your diligent certificat in that behalve. And as like newes shal fortune to comme unto your knowleage herafter, soo we praye you to certifie us from tyme to tyme ; wherby ye shall ministre unto us right singlier pleasure,

Yeven under our signet at our manor of Richemount, the iiijth day of July.

Source – Letters and Papers Illustrative of the Reigns of Richard III and Henry VII (ed. J. Gairdner, London, 1863)