6 May 1500 – Henry VII to Sir Gilbert Talbot and Thomas Cresset

By the king.

Trusty and welbeloved, we grete you wele. And late you wit that oure welbeloved servant Richard Bulkeley yeoman of oure Crowne hath shewed unto us how that in cessing of the benyvolence unto us graunted tawardes oure charges in oure last voyage and jorney into Fraunce, he was appoincted and cessed either to contente unto us x. poundes, or elles to goo and geve attendance upon us in the same voiage at his propre costes and charges. And albee it that the said Richard went and served us in his personne, yet as he denyeth it not, he receyved oure wages unto the tyme of our arryvalle from thens into this oure reams ; for the whiche cause the said x, li. is nowe by you demanded of him according to the said cessing.

Wherfor we, considring that as wele by grete rage of lyre as other infortunat chaunces he hath susteigned, as he sayeth, right grete losses, desire and pray you to enquere whether he bee hable to pay the said money, or fallen in suche povertie as is above surmysed. And if the same surmyse bee trewe that then ye certifie us therof; and in the mean tyme see that he bee not distressed or troubled for the noon payement of the said x. li. And these oure lettres shalbe your discharge in that behalf

Yeven undre oure signet at our castell of Dover the vjth day of May.

Source – Letters and Papers Illustrative of the Reigns of Richard III and Henry VII (ed. J. Gairdner, London, 1863)