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Welcome to the HTS Bookshelf, where we will publish a review of books we have been sent and take a look at any exciting up-and-coming releases. We will also endeavour to list and summarise all books released about Henry VII.

Books, whether fiction or non-fiction, play a key role in our understanding and enjoyment of the subject. If you’re anything like us you will already possess a large library of titles and will always be on the lookout to add to that already-groaning bookshelf in your living room. So if you have recently read a book that you would like to review or have come across a new release and would like to make us aware then drop us an email. All reviews are welcome, as are authors looking to publicise their work. Contact us at

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One thought on “The Bookshelf

  1. Hi All, My book “Henry VII – King of Princes” is in review by Kindle and could be going live in the next 72 hours.
    I hope every one likes it as much as I’ve liked doing all the research, writing, re-writing dozens of times.
    There’s lots of real history featuring real people, lots of fiction and fictional people and as you can imagine in a saga stretching over 16 years in the life of Henry VII and his uncle Jasper Tudor, there are romances, sword fights, battles mostly real and one fiction, love affairs, intrigue, attempted assassinations, friendships real and imaginary. I’ve tried to highlight within the pages the misconception regarding this man of destiny. For even today, a direct descendant of Henry VII is sitting on the throne of England. The old enmity between who was considered Anglo-Saxon and who was Welsh when one considers our DNA on the Anglo-Saxon side you have a high percentage of Welsh mater genes, there is no longer any real stigma about a Welsh victory in 1485AD.

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